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Human First Lens





Introduction – 

The Human First Lens is a trauma-informed, empowerment-based, self-guided training that can be incorporated into new or existing Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusion curriculum. Designed for personal use as well as in businesses and organizations, the Human First Lens empowers learners with basic information about human rights, basic human needs, human relationships and basic communication skills. It also empowers learners to identify, interrupt and overcome bias and prejudice that might come their way. The training includes a Certificate of Completion, and our crowdfunding model makes the training accessible by allowing learners to pay what they can or want. We also offer low-cost sponsorship opportunities for businesses, groups and organizations who want to incorporate the training into their own training curriculum. 

The Human First Lens is for everyone who wants to learn more about themselves and others, and who want to learn to eliminate internalized, interpersonal and institutionalized bias and prejudice. It’s designed to empower all people the reach their own unique highest and fullest potential by learning about their own human rights and basic human needs, as well as how to identify, alleviate, and overcome oppression that might come their way. We recommend this tool for all people ages 8th grade and above and/or with parental or teacher guidance. 

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Get empowered to thrive and build resilience against oppression by identifying your own basic human rights and basic human needs;
  • Identify and understand the cycle of oppression;
  • Understand key concepts in human relationships;
  • Understand the basic concepts of the Spectrum-Based View of Human Diversity;
  • Identify, interrupt and reject oppression involving human diversity, including racism, sexism, homophobia, religious oppression, political oppression, ageism, ableism, classism, immigration-based oppression, good guy versus bad guy lenses and general “othering”; and
  • Become more empowered by exploring and identifying your own viewpoints and experiences free from labels and expectations. 

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