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All People Thriving.
Empowerment. Integrity. Thriving.

“All People Thriving is a platform for research, education, consulting and advocacy dedicated to empowering all people to reach their own unique highest and fullest potential. We believe promoting individual empowerment, institutional integrity, and human centered policies, laws and systems leads to a world where all people are truly thriving!”


Our mission is to empower all people in the United States of America to fully thrive by utilizing the Integrity Model and Human/Person-First Lens to conduct research and analysis; providing trauma-informed, empowerment-based education and training, offering consulting services for businesses, groups, nonprofits and government agencies based on organization best practices from a variety of industries and fields; and developing, promoting and advocating for human centered policies and systems.

We envision a future in which all human beings are fully free and thriving at their own unique highest and fullest potential.


Individuality – Every single person has innate gifts and talents, and each one should be honored for their contributions, no matter how big or small they may seem.

Cooperation – Cooperating with others to achieve common goals is a cornerstone of empowering each person thrive at their own unique highest and fullest potential.

Freedom – Thriving can be achieved when individuals can freely express themselves and make informed decisions and choices free from discrimination and oppression.


Dignity & Worth – All people have inherent dignity and worth, regardless of the perception of themselves or others.

Autonomy – Human beings are each autonomous, and have sole ownership of their bodies, minds and souls.

Inalienable Rights – Human beings are endowed from the moment of birth with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Freedom – Freedom encompasses the opportunity to experience, learn, grow and contribute in ways that are meaningful to oneself, and to explore, identify and do that which bring us joy. 

Oppression – Oppression can be alleviated through information, affirmation of dignity and worth, intent and opportunity. 

Institutional Premise – The purpose of institutions (businesses, governments, organizations and groups) is to empower individuals to reach their own unique highest and fullest potential by addressing individual human needs, rights and opportunities.


Human-Centered & Person-First  – Human-centered and person-first philosophies should guide practical policy and system recommendations which include considerations for the broad spectrum of human bodies, needs, behaviors and responses. APT’s efforts are rooted in the Integrity Model and the Person-First Lens. 

One Humanity – There is not an “us” and “them”. If there must be an enemy to achieve success, it is not the way. Individual rights and freedoms should always be honored, and systems serving or impacting all people must be just, equal, equitable and fair. 

Each One Matters – Every voice matters. A sure way to tell if a system or concept is faulty or oppressive is to listen to the people who tell you it’s not working for them.

Change Starts Today – Begin in the present. While we cannot change the past, we CAN commit to a different path from this point forward. 


Ryan has an extensive background in social services, sociology, organization management and programmatic development. With more than twenty years of experience, he specializes in advocacy, hands-on research and analysis, and system and policy review and design. He has an Associate’s Degree in Social Services and Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Colorado State University (Pueblo). Ryan has served as Executive Director for both regional and statewide organizations, and has worked directly with a wide variety of populations, including families in crisis, LGBTQ communities, individuals and families experiencing homelessness and poverty, people with a mental health diagnosis, people facing addictions, people leaving incarceration, people facing systemic health care access barriers, people with a wide variety of abilities and mobility capacities, and many others. 

Ryan Acker

Executive Director