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“We’re breaking barriers to economic accessibility.”

Our Approach

All People Thriving is an independent business. We strive to ensure our services are accessible to all people, regardless of current economic means. We utilize open access options for our materials, affordable rates and crowdfunding opportunities for those who wish to support our work. 


Our Guiding Principles

Knowledge is power. The more quickly we can share empowering knowledge with one another, the more quickly we can create a world where all people thrive.

Consulting & Contract Services 

All People Thriving strives to provide high quality, affordable consulting services to individuals, businesses, organizations, colleges, schools and government agencies. If you are an existing customer, client or partner, payments can be made using the APT Payment Portal below. 

Payment Portal

Group Rates

You can provide opportunities for your students, groups, members, employees, volunteers and team members to get empowered and receive their Certificate of Completion. 


Support Our Work

Our Crowdfunding model allows us to make materials freely accessible to learners across the country. If you learned something new, or if you believe this information is valuable to others, please support our work. Thank you for your support!



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Get 250 | Roadmap to Freedom to follow along with our series, Roadmap to Freedom, or for your own reading pleasure.

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Our AdvocaTees clothing line is designed to inspire people to empower themselves and others to change the world – just by being comfortably authentic in the clothes they wear, and the positive messages they choose to put into the world. 

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