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Human-Centered Solutions.
Real Systemic Change.

“In our lives, at work and in our communities – We deserve to thrive! All People Thriving works to advance and secure individual freedom and civil and social equality and accessibility for all people by promoting human centered solutions and eradicating oppression at the systemic level.”

Our Approach

Human beings can fully thrive when the systems, laws and policies they interact with are accessible, inclusive, equal, accessible and fair. We believe the more people who learn about and advocate for human rights and human-centered policies, the more quickly freedom and thriving can be realized for all people. Our work is guided by our human-centered, systemic-change agenda that focuses on addressing root causes of oppression at the systemic level. All People Thriving conducts research and analysis of important systems, policies, laws and institutions, and provides integrity-based recommendations and human-centered solutions designed to empower all people to thrive. We select projects based on urgent and compelling need in line with our national change agenda and/or with partners upon request.


Our Guiding Principles

At All People Thriving, we recognize political activism and human rights advocacy are not necessarily the same thing. Sacrificing even one person’s dignity and worth or liberties and freedoms for the “good of the whole” is not an option because each and every person matters. We are committed to bringing people together and doing what is right even when it is not popular or politically expedient. We aim to do better and raise the bar for everyone.  

Our Projects & Tools

Our tools are intended for all people – including individuals, change advocates, professors, students, voters, community leaders, entrepreneurs, industry professionals, policy-makers, elected officials, and more! Together, we can create businesses, organizations and communities where all people thrive! 


Get Empowered

We believe empowered people can empower people. Learn how to interrupt and eradicate internal and interpersonal oppression using our self-guided Empowerment Labs. 

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Get Support

All People Thriving provides consulting and contract services to individuals, groups and organizations working to develop human-centered policies and solutions. Contract or project rates are based on APT’s consulting services. 


Our Platform

Our human-centered, systemic change-driven agenda is designed to secure individual freedom, and civil and social equality and equity for all people. No exceptions. 

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