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Roadmap to Freedom – The Series





Introduction – 

In 2020, We the People…An Elected Official’s Guide to Leading the United States with Integrity and Achieving a More Perfect Union” was sent to various members of the United States Congress, as well as the White House and select governors. In 2021, we reimagined the book as a tool for voters, change advocates, policy-makers, elected officials, and everyday Americans who want to see the promise of freedom come to life. 


250 | Roadmap to Freedom the Book

Building upon Intervention U.S.A. Beginning America’s Integrity Realignment, the book 250 | Roadmap to Freedom introduces a comprehensive and strategic set of human-centered, systemic policy reforms at the national level. We combine the Integrity Model and Human/Person-First Lens with the United States Constitution to ensure each policy is designed to secure individual freedom, while advancing civil and social equality and accessibility for all people. 

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250 | Roadmap to Freedom the Series

Roadmap to Freedom is a strategic initiative from All People Thriving designed to empower Americans – and their elected leaders – to identify, alleviate and address root causes of oppression in the United States of America. Our goal is to create human centered, systemic change that results in all people thriving. Roadmap to Freedom is for EVERYONE who wants to bring America’s promise of freedom to life. 

We’re doing the work.

With the Roadmap to Freedom, we’re not just talking about change. We’re doing the work. 

It’s about empowerment.

Not only are we committed to doing the work, we’re dedicated to empowering people with the how’s and why’s and the tools they need to join in the work, too.

No enemies.

We’re committed to bringing forth solutions that work for all Americans – We’re dedicated to “We, the People…”, not just some of the people.

We set a deadline.

July 4, 2026 is the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It’s time to get it right. 

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Crowdfunding Campaign

As an independent project, our work is supported by viewers like you who want to see freedom come to life once and for all. Join our Crowdfunding Campaign today!





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