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Organizing With Integrity



Introduction – 

This Empowerment Lab is designed to empower organization and business leaders, team members, and stakeholders with tools and information to build institutions that achieve their missions while promoting empowerment, celebrating diversity, and ensuring accessibility and inclusion for all people involved. Human beings can fully thrive when the businesses, organizations, agencies and governments they interact with are thriving, too. If you’re ready to start your own small business, program or nonprofit organization – or just want to learn organization best practices for your role as a volunteer, board member, donor, employee or CEO – you’ve come to the right place! Organizing With Integrity covers six (6) key topics designed to empower learners to build, create or rebuild healthy, thriving organizations. 

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What’s Inside

  • Self-guided training for building or rebuilding your small business, nonprofit, program or agency with Integrity
  • Templates for budgets, bylaws, board meetings, fundraising and marketing plans, job descriptions and more!
  • Integrity Check for building healthy businesses and organizations that celebrate human diversity, and ensure accessibility and inclusion for all people. 
  • Organizing With Integrity Certificate of Completion


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