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COVID-19: Pathway to America’s Recovery (July 11, 2020)






COVID-19 | Pathway to America’s Recovery

TLDR; Universal Basic Income, Universal Health Care, Universal PTO and a Human Centered Coordinated Pandemic Response Approach can increase vaccination rates, promote trust in public health and protect civil and human rights.  

Vaccines are a very good thing. They save lives, prevent disease, and improve our overall health and well-being. We also recognize coerced vaccinations, forced masking, and government shutdowns can be considered human rights violations, damage trust in public health, and can have disparate negative impact on people struggling with certain mental and emotional illnesses, people with certain cognitive and communication needs, people living in poverty, small businesses, communities who have faced isolation due to systemic and social discrimination, single adults living alone, children in schools, and many others. Further, we recognize the negative impact of these policies on employee rights, civil rights, community mental health, economic and social stability, addiction and crime rates, and many other social issues. We also recognize that existing physical, mental and emotional challenges can be exacerbated by federal, state and business-sanctioned exclusion and oppression. COVID-19: Pathway to America’s Recovery provides businesses, organizations, public health officials and policy-makers with tools and polcy recommendations to address the COVID-19 Pandemic with human-centered solutions. Our policy report was mailed to the White House, Social Security Administration, the Governors of all 50 states, and several other agencies on  July 11, 2020, and is available for scholars, voters, public health officials, elected officials, change makers and business and organization leaders. 

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