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Safe Access: Why Abortion is a Human and Constitutional Right




The topic of abortion is highly personal and emotional for many people. At All People Thriving, we recognize that everyone’s views and experiences are real, true and valid. We also recognize that when it comes to law, people’s personal choices, their personal relationship with religion, and their bodily autonomy must be respected.

Today, many voters, legislators and even judges don’t understand why the Dobbs V. Jackson ruling was a critical threat to human rights and the United States Constitution. That’s why we developed Safe Access: Why Abortion is a Human and Constitutional Right. This self-guided elective lab honors each person’s individual views and beliefs about abortion, while empowering voters, legislators, advocates and judges to understand why abortion is a fundamental human and constitutional right. It also provides tools for learners to take action to correct the Dobbs V. Jackon ruling and protect human and constitutional rights for future generations.

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