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Human-centered solutions. Real systemic change. We’re dedicated to developing, promoting and advocating for human-centered practices, policies and laws. Our tools are intended for all people – including individuals, change advocates, voters, community leaders, entrepreneurs, industry professionals, policy-makers, and elected officials. Together, we can create businesses, organizations and communities where all people thrive! 


Leading With Integrity: Our Projects & Tools

Leading With Integrity creates thriving businesses, organizations and communities by providing education about the human experience; promoting best practices in organizational, business, government and institutional leadership and administration; and incorporating the call to action to adopt human-centered policies, laws and systems that safeguard individual freedom and human rights, promote and celebrate human diversity, and secure inclusion and accessibility for all people.


APT Calls for Single System Direct Service Universal Health Care

Access to preventative, therapeutic and emergency medical and mental health care is a basic human right. The Case for Universal Health Care is a project…

COVID-19: Pathway to America’s Recovery (July 11, 2020)

All People Thriving recognizes the importance of vaccines and making sure everyone has access to education and medical care that can slow, prevent and end…

APT Sounds the Alarm on Abortion Restrictions

Many voters, legislators and even judges don’t understand why the Dobbs V. Jackson ruling is a critical threat to human rights and the United States…

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In our lives, at work and in our communities – We deserve to thrive! Let’s make it happen – together. 


Our clothing line is designed to inspire people to empower themselves and others to change the world just by being comfortably authentic in the clothes they wear, and the positive messages they choose to put into the world.


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Our human-centered, systemic change-drive agenda is designed to secure individual freedom, and civil and social equality and equity for all people. No exceptions. 


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All People Thriving is happy to help human rights advocates, policy-makers and elected officials achieve their human-centered policy goals. View our consulting and client services rates to learn more, or contact us directly for a free consultation


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